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Our Story

Welcome to Talkin Hip Hop, your go-to web series for spotlighting emerging rappers, singers, producers, and creative entrepreneurs in Toronto. Hosted by the dynamic JustKeekz, our show dives deep into the underground rap scene, offering viewers a unique and authentic look at the talent bubbling beneath the surface of the city. Unlike other talk shows in the hip hop industry, Talkin Hip Hop is dedicated to shining a light on the artists and entrepreneurs who often go unnoticed. We provide a platform for these individuals to share their stories, showcase their skills, and connect with a wider audience. Our mission is to give these local artists a voice and help them gain the exposure and recognition they deserve.


Since our inception, Talkin Hip Hop has evolved, and we've added an exciting new series to our lineup: On The Fly. In this series, Keekz hits the streets, visiting crowded areas to conduct public interviews about hip hop and pop culture. This fresh, on-the-go approach keeps us connected with the pulse of the community and allows us to capture the diverse perspectives of hip hop fans and enthusiasts. Join us on Talkin Hip Hop as we continue to support and uplift Toronto's vibrant hip hop scene, one interview at a time.



 With a passion for hip hop and a desire to provide a platform for emerging artists, JustKeekz the founder embarked on this journey back in 2019. Keekz dedication and love for the local hip hop scene have been the driving force behind the show's success. Talkin Hip Hop was created to provide a platform for underground artists to feel seen and talk about their work and contributions to the Canadian music scene.  


Keekz has an advanced diploma and graduated with honors from Centennial’s Broadcasting - Radio, Television, Film and Digital Media program. Keekz has directed and produced music videos, documentaries and short films. She also is a two-time Donny Award winner! Before Keekz founded Talkin Hip Hop, she spent 9 years in competitive dance training in styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and more. The mastermind behind Talkin Hip Hop is just getting started. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes and interviews!


"We interview the next generation of stars, the artists of the future."

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